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Mar 8

Consoles Ain’t What They Used to Be

So let’s get right into this because I’ve had this on my mind for awhile.  So remember how much time you put into your old generation consoles (N64, Atari, SNES, Genesis etc)? Now, did any of them ever break on you TILL THIS DAY? I would bet money about 99.9% of you reading this said “Nope”.  That being said let me ask you this, has your new generation console (PS3 & Xbox) ever broke on you? I would bet money that 99.9% of you said “Yup”.  Now here’s the REAL question, how in the world can a “new” generation console break on you before an “old” generation console breaks on you?  That’s ridiculous!  This is my theory, I think console developers like Sony and Microsoft saw that the older consoles didn’t ever break and for them to make money, they had to stop this.  So what do they do?  They set the system up to fail.  After about a year or so, your Xbox is going to get the RRoD (Red Ring of Death) and/or your PS3 gets the YLoD (Yellow Light of Death).  So then, what’s the consumer going to do?  If he/she is anything like me, I love video games.  For the most part I play them daily.  I consider myself a “hardcore gamer”.  So I want another console so I can play.  I have two options now, send the console back to the company I bought it from so that they can fix it for me for about half the price I can get a brand new one at the store so I wouldn’t have to wait a month. Or if your lucky and it’s still under warranty, but odds are, its not.  Your second option is you sit there and say “screw it” and don’t go out and buy a new one for different reasons like, you don’t have the money or you don’t want a new one because it’ll just break on you anyways etc. 

But let’s go back to the warranty issue.  Think about it, how long are the warranty policy’s? About one year, right?  When does your console usually hit the curb? Just a few months after a year when your warranty policy ends.  You think that’s a coincidence? I beg to differ, that’s planned.  These companies like Sony and Microsoft know what they are doing and fooling everyone into buying their electronics.  You, yes you, the consumer or as these companies secretly refer to us as, “suckers” are just going out to the store and giving them more money every time.  They manipulate the system to push you to the edge so that you only can see one rational choice, pay us $150 now and wait a month, or pay $300-250 now and not wait at all. 

You don’t believe me? Well to those non believers, let’s go to something a little more recent, the PS Vita by Sony. If you buy the 3G model ($300), in order to have 3G you need to go through AT&T (in the US), correct?  Well let’s look at those data plans shall we? 250 mbs, yes MEGABITS for $15 a month or you can pay $30 for 3 gbs.  So what looks like the better deal to you?  The one where you pay another $15 and you get more than triple the data use for the 3G Vita.  This isn’t a game folks, these companies are taking gamers for suckers and it isn’t right.  But what can we do? Nothing really.  Buy into their bullcrap and take it, or we can boycott it.  Will the company care that you boycott it? Absolutely not.  But hey, I’m just here to point the facts out to gamers.  Do what you please with this new information.  Just know its happening and do what you feel fit to these situations.

But not ALL game companies are like this.  Out of the only current game console companies out there now (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo), Nintendo is the best.  All of their systems survive a lot longer than my Xbox and PS3.  Given I don’t use my Wii nearly as much as my Xbox or PS3, it still lasts longer.  When I had a GameCube, I played that a lot to the point if it would have been a Microsoft or Sony console, it would have broke.  But it didn’t because Nintendo makes a lot more durable consoles.  But does that mean I play my Wii the most? No way.  I’m a hardcore gamer so I’m on the Xbox and PS3 way more.  I just wish Microsoft and Sony would stop being so money hungry to the point where they are fooling their consumers and fans into buying systems ready to fail.

But I digress.  Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about what I’ve written today.  Did you like it?  Agree?  Disagree?  Hated it?  Let me know in a respectful way.  It will be appreciated.  Respect my opinion and I will openly respect yours.  Peace out until next time.



-Christopher Mora

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